Presentation at Harvard University

Catalyzing Outcomes: Using Arendt’s Zwischenraum to Improve the Impact of Research

On April 6th, I presented at Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Student Research Conference as part of a roundtable discussion. Building upon Hannah Arendt’s framework of locations, common ground, and her concepts of speech and action, along with her definitions of the private and the public, I aimed to shed light on the publicity, relevance, and permanence of effective approaches that allow research to become shareable and result in positive change. I discussed a set of heuristics I am elaborating based on Arendt’s Zwischenraum, the in-between, given that, as Arendt suggests, when a common Zwischenraum isn’t established, both research and scholarship often end in the dark—ignored, considered irrelevant or worse, sometimes even assailed and actively suppressed.

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Presenting at Lesley University’s Community of Scholars Day

Leading from the In-Between: Disability, Leadership and Identity

I was honored to have been selected to present at Lesley University’s Community of Scholars Day this past March. I presented on how the daily lives of individuals challenged with physical disabilities illustrate the friction and tension between the identities individuals forge, and the identities society assigns to them.  I explored these fault lines by using my own experiences with disability, my scholarly research, and my pedagogical work. I had a wonderful time illustrating some of these very points through music, by performing songs by Schubert, Schumann, and Wolf. xoxi mendez presents on disability and identity

Radio Transmission of Wanderer’s Nightsong

Mendocino California’s public station,, transmitted my interpretation of Radio Show Small-01Schubert’s Wanderers Nightsong as part of their show Women’s Voices. I was honored to be featured in one show, featuring a fascinating interview with author Caroline Heller about her recent and compelling book Reading Claudius. In her book, Heller tells the story of her parents before, during and after the Holocaust. To listen to the interview and the song click here.



passion cd imagePassion  CD Album

Other exciting news include the release of my new music CD, titled Passion. You can listen to it or purchase it by going to It’s a passionate and melodic journey into the music of six European composers, and my favorite songs of all time too. Don’t forget to check it out! The poems are included as part of the booklet, with translations too.

Evening at IAB



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