My name is Xoxi, pronounced Zoshee. I am a researcher, educator and patient advocate. My personal mission and academic goal is to raise awareness about the nature of disability and pain, especially in instances where certain medical conditions that are poorly understood create extraordinary suffering to large numbers of people. Patients afflicted by these conditions are often mistreated for not fitting ordinary understandings of disability and health. I believe that awareness leads to empathy, that empathy leads to action, and that action can result in social change. I strive to foster this change and promote social justice, and simultaneously, entertain. I am a singer. I studied voice at The Longy School of Music of Bard College where I completed a Masters degree in music and vocal performance. I make use of music to illustrate concepts or ideas in healthcare and also in academic fields ranging from research methods, linguistics, semantics, leadership to anthropology and more. I do this to bring to the fore concepts that, were it not for music, are more likely to remain elusive. I suffer from a painful neurological condition yet I do not let my mobility difficulties be an obstacle. Below you will find some videos with extracts of my latest talks and my singing. Last Fall I was plenary speaker at National University's Women in Leadership Conference, a talk that was streamed live from WGBH in Boston. I also presented at the South East Coastal Conference on Languages and Literature this past Spring. I am currently a doctoral candidate at Lesley University.