My name is Xoxi, pronounced Zohsee. I am a researcher, educator and patient advocate. I am passionate about the human voice, not only in the context of singing, but also in the contexts of “speech and action,” two concepts and qualities that, according to philosopher Hannah Arendt, define our humanness. I created Transformative Singing based on Arendt’s framework, where I emphasize singing as the enactment of felt agency and of leadership. Additionally, I strongly believe in the pedagogical power of music to illustrate important concepts in academic fields ranging from research methods, linguistics, semantics, leadership, anthropology and more. I use vocal performance when presenting on these topics to bring to the fore concepts that without music, can prove elusive. I suffer from a painful neurological condition called RSD, yet I don't let my mobility difficulties be an obstacle. Watch below some videos with extracts of my latest talks and my singing. Recently I was plenary speaker at National University's Women in Leadership Conference, which was streamed live from WGBH TV Station in Boston. I am currently a doctoral candidate at Lesley University. I studied voice at The Longy School of Music of Bard College where I completed my undergraduate and Masters degrees in music and vocal performance.

Music and Meaning

Identity and Disability

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